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Dr. Partha's GNU/Linux connections
Dr. S. Parthasarathy
Algologic Research & Solutions
Secunderabad - INDIA



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Why is Linux good for me ?

Who am I ?

registered-user As if anybody cares !
Well, I am just an ordinary person who likes freedom and worships liberty. I don't like keeping birds in cages, or seeing golden fish in a glass balloon. And, I don't like being pushed around by greedy bullies, who want me to take whatever rubbish they dish out, tie up my hands with invisible strings, and also make me pay for all that torture ! I saw my best ideals being supported by the Linux movement, so I thought I should become part of this movement.

If you really want to know more about me (but, why should you ?), you can visit my autobiographical page. And, you are also invited to visit the homepage of Algologic Research & Solutions -- an innovative and leading-edge enterprise which I started some years ago.

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I am incurably addicted to the Free Software Movement and its flagship product: Linux. I am allergic to proprietary and blackbox software. I get violent convulsions when I am exposed to proprietary and blackbox software (read Microsoft).
suselogo My favourites are Open Suse and Ubuntu distributions, suselogo although I am not very uncomfortable with other distributions of Linux .
I go out of my way to help and assist anyone who wishes to master these two distributions. When asked to install Linux, I choose one or both of these two distributions. Of course, I never create the rubbish called "dual boot system" which involves Microsoft. That is why. the systems on which I install Linux, are called ULB (Unpolluted Linux Box). I am of course proud of my addiction. There are many things I have to learn still, but I do not give up so easily.

Technical contributions

Taking the world by storm : I do my bit, to make Linux a little more enjoyable for all my colleagues. I contribute to the Linux efforts in several ways. My association with Unix started several years ago, when the POSIX standardisation efforts started. I was the only Indian (based in India), to contribute to, and be acknowledged in the first Draft Standards of POSIX developed by IEEE(USA). My contributions to the Linux Documentation Project have been found very useful, and are appreciated by many Linux users worldwide. In fact, these contributions are available as part of almost all major Linux distributions, worldwide.

Algologic Research & Solutions, a Consulting company started by me, provides a wide range of support for your Linux installation. Algologic can also offer you tools to assist you in software development, Sysadmin, housekeeping, troubleshooting, shell scripts. Algologic is registered in the Linux Consultants Guide.

linusability : This project is a serious and profound study of the usability aspects of Linux. Details of this project are available at:
Ask the gangster !

lg-logo Dr.Partha is a member of The Answer Gang (TAG), promoted by Linux Gazette.
He and his co-gangsters are waiting to help you enjoy Linux better. Just ask !
You can also browse the entire archives of earlier queries posted by people like you. Linux Gazette is a free (gratis) web based journal. Subscribe today !

Publications, seminars, and presentations, to help you understand Linux better ghhhhghgh
Articles (in pdf format) Quizzes and useful articles on Linux. Presentations 

You can get a whole range of lectures/seminars done at your institution/organisation.
Get Dr. Partha to make live presentations of his seminars on Linux and FOSS, in your institution. Your institution can get complimentary copies of all his Linux CDROMs. You can make copies and distribute them to all the participants freely. This is an excellent way to shun slavery, and learn how to live in complete freedom and liberty, like Dr. Partha himself.

You can choose from:
  • A single sesssion (90 minutes) seminar
  • A half-day seminar (2 sessions, 90 minutes each)
  • A full-day seminar (4 sessions, 90 minutes each)
  • Long duration tutorials (more than a day, with hands-on)
Just send him an email.

nowin Learn why there is no room for Microsoft, in Prof. Partha's world.

Remember to send your feedback, suggestions and comments to:

Support to local user group

linux-1 Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of GNU/Linux, at the Linux Users Group, Hyderabad (Aug. 2001).
I was the main Convenor of the local Linux User group for nearly two years, and managed to bring some stability to this hyperactive group.

rms With Dr. Richard M Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF).
FSF is the force behind the phenomenal popularity of GNU/Linux (and a whole lot of other utilities).


Meet Dr. Partha

Linux in a teaspoon

bigteaspoon Ever wondered what is the most enjoyable way to understand Linux ? Join the Linux in a teaspoon course designed and conducted by me. You can ask for this course to be organised in your own institution or organisation.

Why Linux ? (Linux starter kit on a single CDROM)

Why is Linux good for me ?

Help your friends and colleagues to jump start and get rid of that cancer. Help them switch over to Linux with this Linux starter kit on a CDROM. Get it for FREE from Dr. Partha. You pay just the postage and handling charges.

CDROMs from the guru

The "teaspoon" CDROM

My tutorial introduction to Linux comes in the form of a CDROM. You can browse this CDROM at your own pace and in your own home or office. The CDROM carries all the 100 issues of The Linux Gazette, plus a whole lot of new features and articles to make you a guru of Linux. This CDROM has been appreciated by many users in different countries.
Take a look at top-page of the "teaspoon" CDROM. You can see a press review which appeared in a very respectable newspaper in Pakistan.

Top page of "teaspoon CDROM"
Read this Press review of our "teaspoon CDROM"
Book your copy now

Why is Linux good for me ?

This is a single CDROM starter kit for those who are keen on entering the wonderful world of Linux.

Top page of the CDROM "Why is Linux good for me ?"

Shell scripting

Success in the Linux arena depends on how well you can write and understand shell scripts. Keep this CDROM handy. This CDROM gives you a lot of material on Bash shell scripting. It also gives hundreds of examples for you to hack and learn shell scripting.

Top page of CDROM on shell scripting

Catalogue of all CDROMs by Dr. Partha

Need (free) help ?

Do anything, ask anybody except Algologic. We are actually overwhelmed by general enquiries about Linux. Although we would very much like to, we really do not have the resources to answer all general queries about Linux. There are many places on the web, where you can post your queries.freehelp

Need (paid-for) help ?

paidhelp If you need PAID help with Linux, you can count on us. Algologic is registered in the Linux Consultants Guide .
Algologic has a rich experience in installing, configuring and trouble shooting in Linux. We can assist you as your (paid) Consultants for your Linux related activities. In addition, we have a wide range of services we can offer.
Just get in touch with us, today.

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