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Partha's GPG public key

What is GPG ? | Download Partha's GPG public key | All about Partha | Contact Partha
You can now send confidential information to Partha, by "encrypting" it using GPG. For doing this, you will need Partha's GPG Public Key. Read on, to know more.
Never take chances with security !

What is GPG ?


Partha's GPG public key

Download the key and verify its authenticity

Key ID : F1D9 9755
Fingerprint : A9E7 287C A58A 2FF0 15D0 952A E0E9 DD26 F1D9 9755

You can download Partha's GPG public key (local copy), and then use GPG software to add it to your GPG keyring. To verify the authenticity of the copy you downloaded, check for its authenticity, using this image. In addition, the md5 checksum of Dr. Partha's public key (parthakey.asc) file is here You can use this md5 checksum, to detect if this file (parthakey.asc) has been tampered. You can also ask Dr.Partha how to use md5 for verification.

To be absolutely sure : You must also download another copy of this key from: GPG- Public-Keyserver. Search for "drpartha". Use the option "Show PGP "fingerprints" for keys". Make sure that the key fingerprint matches the one given above.

Use this one-line GPG command, if you have already a working GPG installed on your machine (and a live connection to the Internet) :
gpg --keyserver --search-keys
Or, use :
gpg --keyserver --search-keys F1D99755

Or, go to this site directly. Click on the keyID as shown. You will be lead to a page containing the ascii rendering of my GPG public key. Cut and paste the portion between "Begin PGP Public key" and "End PGP public key" in a blank document. Use that document file, to import the public key into your GPG keyring.

To be absolutely "absolutely sure" : To make absolutely sure that you have indeed an authentic copy of my public key, you must reconfirm the "fingerprint" of this key with the "fingerprint" of the original key with me. You must do this confirmation process in addition to, and after making the comparison mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Send me an e- mail, so that I can let you know how to go about this confirmation process.

To be absolutely "absolutely absolutely sure" : Follow the public key negotiation protocol

Never take chances with security !

What next ?

After you have installed and tested GPG, and after you have obtained and confirmed Partha's GPG public key:

  1. Send an encrypted test message to Partha
  2. Try to create a GPG key pair for yourself. "Export" your public key to a file and send me this public-key file. I will then send you an encrypted test message (using your public key), for you to decrypt (using your private/secret key). In fact, you can even encrypt the public-key file you send me (i.e. your public key), using my public key !
  3. Inform all your friends and colleagues, and make your public key visible to as many people as possible. You may even decide to upload your GPG public key to a public GPG key server.

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