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GNU-pic big-spoon

.... a quick introduction

(GNU/Linux is often referred to as Linux)


Why is Linux good for me ?

Algologic Research and Solutions

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"GNU/Linux in a teaspoon"

is your introduction to the magic of GNU/Linux. The title is inspired from the famous books titled "xxx in a nutshell". This title exploits the metaphor of "spoon-feeding"
(have you ever heard about nutshell- feeding ?).

This course comes to you from Algologic Research and Solutions
Algologic has extensive
knowledge and experience with Unix/Linux,
and has also a reputation for conducting
technical training programmes of very high quality.



Course outline

Note : The following is only a tentative outline. The course contents or structure are likely to be modified or altered.

Course objective:
To give a quick overview of the Linux Operating System. The course is particularly suitable for senior management who would like to get a feel of Linux and its potential. The course would also benefit students and professionals who are looking for a quick introduction to Linux, and a possible career in Linux related activities.
Expected participant profile:
Fundamental knowledge of operating systems. But, no knowledge of Unix or Linux is necessary or expected.
Course duration:
Two days. Four sessions of 90 minutes each, per day.
Course methodology:
Lectures and live demos.
A CDROM containing useful documentation and plenty of tutorial material.
Suggested (tentative) course structure:

  Note: This is just a tentative framework. The extent and depth to
    which these topics may be covered will depend on the participants'
    background and interaction, and availability of time.

                        Day 1
    Teaspoon #1 -- The Linux phenomenon.
                        History. Linux vs others. Some myths and
                        facts. Distributions. Governing principles.
                        Procuring and installing Linux. Office suites.

                        Demo: LILO. Device-naming conventions.

    Teaspoon #2 -- Getting started
                        Pre-installation steps, choosing a distro,
                        repartioning, co-existing with other OS,
                        utilities -- tar, RPM, text editors. After
                        installation -- what next ?

                        Demo: Installation, configuring X, utilities,
                        post-installation script

    Teaspoon #3 -- Breaking the shell
                        The role of shells. Command completion.
                        History. Redirection. Some essential commands.
                        Files and permissions. Shell scripts

                        Demo: creation of scripts

    Teaspoon #4 -- Under the hood
                        Organisaton. Environment variables. Startup.
                        Profile files. Man pages. HOWTO.
                        Demo: HOWTOs and manpages, course CDROM

                        Day 2

    Teaspoon #5 -- Development tools
                        Governing principles. Programming under Linux.
                        Compilers, utilities, libraries, SCCS, GCC,
                        G++, Java, Make, GDB, RAD, RCS, CVS

                        Demo: RCS or CVS

    Teaspoon #7 -- System administration
                        Account creation and management. Quotas.
                        Sharable resources. Security issues.

                        Demo: sys. admin chores

    Teaspoon #6 -- Networking
                        Installation and configuration. Internet
                        access. Gateways. Proxy server. Samba.

                        Demo: network configuration

    Teaspoon #8 -- Wrap up


Course handout

Each participant will get a CDROM containing a very carefully selected, and very rich, collection of tutorial material. The course handout CDROM is updated regularly and frequently. It is an ideal, one-stop resource on Linux.Here is a review which appeared in a famous newspaper from Pakistan.


Course schedule

You have the option of joining any of our scheduled courses, or asking for a special course to be conducted in your own institution/organisation.

Contact Algologic for organising this course in your city, institution, organisation.


Course Director

This course is being offered by Dr. S. Parthasarathy , an internationally respected software scientist and trainer. The teaspoon concept for training, is his invention. He has conducted this "teaspoon" course (and many other courses) successfully, at many locations.

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